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Welcome to Heidi's Caribbean Cuisine - Home of Heidi's Famous BBQ Sauce!

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Experiencing life in the Cayman Islands I had the opportunity to discover some of the many Caribbean spice 'secrets' that set it apart from the rest of the world. Caribbean style cooking blends unique spices and sauces that are extremely flavorful.

Now back at home in the beautiful Yakima Valley of Washington State, my mother, Donna, and I have been blending these savory spices into our own recipes at Heidi's Cafe - A Taste of the Caribbean.

Friends and customers have long been requesting our spices and sauces to create their own unique Caribbean cuisine as they experience at Heidi's Cafe - A Taste of the Caribbean. It is because of this desire that we are proud to share the tantalizing taste of Caribbean cuisine with each of you.

We invite you to change your everyday cooking by adding a Caribbean flair using Heidi's Cafe - A Taste of the Caribbean spices and sauces. I promise that you won't be disappointed!


Enjoy the flavorful bounty of the Caribbean.

Heidi & Donna

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