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Welcome to Heidi's Caribbean Cuisine - Home of Heidi's Famous BBQ Sauce!

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Heidi's Cafe' - A Taste of the Caribbean would like to thank all the wonderful customers that have graciously submitted their recipes for all to share.

Keep 'em coming! We love to hear from our customers!


Customer Recipes - Testimonials

  Stacy of Wapato, WA pours a bottle of Jerk BBQ over a pork roast that has been put in a crockpot on low. Seven hours later she has an unforgettable meat dish her family loves.

Diana of Woodstock, IL comments that her husband loves to add the blacken seasoning to his homemade chili for that extra bite.

Fred of Terry, MT adds the Jerk BBQ to his vegetable beef and barley soup for an exceptional homemade soup taste.

Sid of Moxee, WA heats two boneless - skinless chicken breast in his microwave for 4 minutes then turns the chicken over. He sprinkles the blacken seasoning on top and heats for another minute and has a chicken sandwich fit for a king.

The ground crew at Suntides Golf course in Gleed, WA adds the Jerk mustard to German Sausages and hot dogs to make Friday's lunches outstanding!

Dave of Terrace Heights, WA brightens up potato salad with the Jerk mustard and gives a lift to Turkey and Ham sandwiches he takes for lunch.

Donna of Moxee, WA adds ¼ cup of Jerk BBQ to her meatloaf making an ordinary meal brighten everyone's day.

Suzy of Yakima, WA loves to take Blackened Seasoning and sprinkle it on fish before she broils it. When making Fajitas for the family, she adds the Blackened Seasoning for her own individual added flavor.

Rick of Yakima, WA gives deviled eggs special flair by adding Jerk mustard to his recipe and when it comes to spaghetti night he adds some Jerk BBQ for that come back for more flavor!

Carrie of Moxee, WA says it is no problem when its time for a party appetizer. She adds Jerk BBQ to a bag of frozen meatballs. One hour in the crock pot and she is ready to go with no fuss and it is always a big hit.

Bob & Bean of Meridian, ID - Heidi's BBQ chicken on the grill gets the neighbors running faster than Johnsonville Brats! Substitute Heidi's BBQ sauce for dipping Shrimp. Delicious.

Brad of Cowiche, WA - Add some Jerk Mustard to fried rice for that special flair and taste.

Chuck of Selah, WA - A great salad dressing with Caribbean flair - Heidi's Jerk Mustard mixed with some mayonnaise, black pepper, and some half & half to thin it down a little works to create a unique salad.


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